Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ready to run!

This post certainly does not contain "stop the presses!" content, but I just got new running shoes and had to photograph I thought I'd share!

Have you ever seen cooler shoes?!

At the beginning of January I decided that I wanted to make a few changes...specifically I realized that I needed to replace my junk food & TV routine with something a bit healthier!  People always say that getting healthy isn't just about starting a diet or workout plan but rather it is a lifestyle change.  So, in January I committed to becoming a healthier person in many aspects - eating smaller portions of well-balanced nutritious food, exercising regularly, spending quality time with the people (and puppy!) that I love, and focusing on happiness! 

Its been about a month now and I'm happy to report that the transition to my new lifestyle is going great!  Researching and making new recipes has been a fun way to incorporate my cooking hobby with my goal of eating healthy.  I've gotten into the habit of working out almost daily and, surprisingly, I am actually enjoying it and look forward to exercising at the end of the work day!  Even more surprising is that I've discovered that I like to jog!  Even though I have done some running in the past, it was usually half-assed or the just to see if I could do it.  Recently I started going for jogs so I could spend some time in the beautiful (and freakishly un-winter) weather that we've been experiencing.  At first I jogged and couldn't wait to be done, then I jogged and decided "I don't hate this", and now I enjoy it! 

This brings me back to the point of this post (sorry for the life-goals detour...) - I bought new running shoes!  My running shoes were old and busted so I went to my local running store, Missouri Running CompanyFor years I wore Mizuno running shoes but my most recent pair were Saucony Kinvara 2, which are the lightest, most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.  That being said, my intention was to simply buy the same Kinvaras again.  Upon walking in the store I noticed that the Kinvaras were an awesome new color - bold purple and neon green!  I held my breath while the saleswoman checked for my size and did a little dance of excitement when she brought me the box.  Woo hoo!  These shoes are so awesome and beautiful that I had to take photos! 

My new best friends

I am super pumped to have new shoes and already they have inspired me to go for longer jogs!  Not only has the bright, bold look of these shoes motivated me but also the amazing fit has physically allowed me to jog farther.  I genuinely believe that having the right shoe makes a world of difference when setting out to run.  Before going to Missouri Running Company (previously Ghisallo Running) I used to buy shoes at stores like Kohls or Famous Footwear or Sports Authority.  These shoes are fine for hitting the elliptical machine or stationary bike, but I after visiting with knowledgeable staff at the running store I realized that it was the department store shoes that made my knee hurt.  My foot and gait were evaluated, I purchased actual running shoes, and went for a jog - no pain!  So, even though I love my new shoes, my recommendation is not to go buy yourself Kinvaras but rather visit a running store and buy your right shoe!  Run on!

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