Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oops, I did it again...

I played with your heart...and didn't blog for a whole month. Crap.

This time I have (somewhat of) an excuse, besides just being lazy. Over the past month I've been spending my extra time doing internet-independent things, like spending more time outdoors, reading and...doing other stuff that just isn't blogging, I suppose. When I have been able to get to my computer I have had other, higher priority things to use the internet for, like research our impending vacation! We leave in less than two weeks for a trip to Amsterdam and Paris - I can't wait!

To try and ease myself back into blogging, I'll be making this a short and sweet post dedicated to the cutest dog in the world, whose birthday was this past week.  After a recent trip to the spa (dog groomer) I took Charlie to play in our back yard and noticed that the light was perfect for photos!  Some of the images turned out looking very formal, like senior portraits.

Charlie Mohan, Class of 2012

But eventually Charlie lost his interest in being incredibly good-looking and instead wanted to play.  Have I mentioned that Charlie has a crippling addiction to fetching tennis balls?  We actually have a theory that he doesn't really enjoy fetching but rather has obsessive-compulsive disorder that drives him to retrieve the ball every time its thrown.  This diagnosis is based on the fact that even if it is too hot out (which is over 70 degrees for the pup) and Charlie is pathetically splayed out on the grass panting, he will run after the ball if its chucked.  Poor OCD dog, I'm sorry you're a little bit crazy (probably inherited it from me).

This sequence is on repeat any time a tennis ball is around

So, as I mentioned, Charlie recently celebrated a birthday.  We celebrated his third birthday on Wednesday with a trip to Dairy Queen.  Charlie absolutely loved his vanilla ice cream and provided a great deal of entertainment when trying to get the last licks from the flimsy plastic container...I'm sure at that point his birthday wish was for thumbs (or that his stupid owners would hold the damn cup for him).  Also entertaining?  Jim's concern over Charlie getting brain freeze - he was certain that Charlie would hurt himself so a couple times he separated Charlie from the ice cream.  This would last for a few seconds until Charlie wiggled his way free and beelined back to the prize.

Lay off me, I'm starving!

I'll try to blog again soon, I have a couple recipes that are worth passing along!

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  1. 4 months. You certainly are taking your sweet time. ;)


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